Nuova pinza coils mod. 360

2020 has been for Conte Metal Mec a year full of challenges and inspirations. After presenting the new sheet pack tong mod. 1260 in February, we are now finally ready to present also the new coilt tong mod. 360.

Tradition and innovation – IoT configuration

The new equipment, designed to lift coils and strips, results from the integration of the chassis, sliding arms and motorized rotation device of model 1260 with the box-structured jaws of the iconic model 304 (with worm screw drive), one of our most appreciated and best selling models. This solution allows a significant decrease in the total height and weight of the equipment, which, in the version with 40 tons capacity and rotation device, goes from 3000 to 2300 kg. Furthermore, all components are designed to accomodate additional sensors and devices in view of the future IoT upgrade that in 2021 will enable the transformation of traditional equipment into smart ones.

Coil tong mod. 360
Front view of the new coil tong

Easier maintenance operations

The new position of motors and geraboxes, as well as the box structure of the jaws, simplify ordinary maintenance activities. All the components subject to wear or that require particular attention can be easily inspected just by removing the protecting casings. Moreover, the presence of a specific lid on top of one of the casings allows an even easier access to the electrical panel.