Rotating coil tilter

The rotating coil tilter recently realized for a British customer is a perfect example of a cutting-edge equipment, both in terms of control and safety.

Characterized by an electromechanical system, it puts together in one single equipment three different actions: a 90° tilting movement, a 180° rotating movement and a pallet-stop function realized through specific jaws. These actions are performed in a 40 seconds-long automatic cycle that can be controlled by the operator through a touch screen placed on the control panel of the equipment. The same touch screen features also a “manual mode” that allows to control each operation separately.

To grant the best safety conditions for the workers, the rotating coil tilter has been provided with a complete set of safety fences and optical barriers that will be installed by the customer to limit the access to the machine and stop it in case of unauthorized access.

Click here for the video of the pre-delivery test.