Standard max. capacity Up to 40 tonnes
Standard max. coil width
Up to 2700 mm
Characteristics Rear or lateral handles
Counterweight (except for some models)
Additional options Horizontal support structured to prevent damage to the coils
Plastic covers
Safety anchor on the tip of the foot
Parking and storage frame
Connection to the overhead crane with detachable plugs
Motorised 360° rotation device

Conte 1908 realizes a wide variety of C-hook models to lift and handle coils with a horizontal axis hole. All models are made using high-quality materials and technologies in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety for the operators.

The design of each C-hook is customized according to the customer’s specific requirements and indications, from the shape of the bail to the position of the handles used to guide the hook towards the coil hole. Moreover, several additional options are available, like anchor elements on the tip of the foot, plastic covers to prevent damage to the coils, weighing and rotation devices.