Standard max. capacity Up to 35 tonnes
Characteristics Manual, mechanical or electro-mechanical operation
Safety systems
Automatic hooking/unhooking system (only some models)
Optional accessories Parking and storage frame
Cable drum
Protections against damage to the coils

Conte 1908 offers a wide variety of solutions for gripping, lifting and handling coils with a vertical axis hole.

Different models of tongs are available which, depending on the materials to be handled and on the customer's needs, can have a gripping action on the thickness of the coil, on the inside of the hole and/or at the base. The first ones, in particular, are characterised by a pantograph lever system that ensures a stable and safe grip during all handling phases, even in the event of a temporary power cut.
Furthermore, the presence of an automatic hooking/unhooking system allows the tong to be ready for gripping at any time, without the operator's intervention.

The models with gripping action on the inside of the hole and at the base of the coil are, on the other hand, based on a system of electro-mechanically operated jaws that can handle coils even packaged on pallets or beams. These types of tongs are therefore particularly suitable for use inside warehouses or to load/unload vehicles. In any case, all models are operated by mechanical or electro-mechanical systems, managed via a dedicated push-button panel that is built into that of the overhead crane, and are equipped with safety devices.
On request, they can also feature a parking frame or additional protections against damage to the coils.

To handle coils of a limited weight (max. 8 tonnes), “cages” are also available: simple non-bulky solutions that can be managed manually by the operators.