Characteristics Detachable plugs to connect the overhead crane
Automatic hooking/unhooking system
Supports with compensator (only for slabs)
Parking brake (only for plates)
Manual safety system (only for plates)
Optional accessories Interchangeable jaw covers

Designed for lifting and handling plates and slabs, these grabs are characterised by a multiplier pantograph lever system (except for some models) and are distinguished by the number of jaws: two for plates, four for slabs. This difference is due to the fact that, while the grabs for slabs are designed to grip and handle elements in a horizontal position, those for plates can be used to extract the elements from casting wells and to tilt and place them on the ground (from vertical to horizontal).

Both systems are designed to be connected to the overhead crane by means of detachable plugs and feature an automatic hooking/unhooking system that allows the grab to be always ready for gripping, without the operator's intervention. The grabs for plates are also equipped with a parking brake for 90° tilting and a manually operated safety device.

As for the optional accessories, both systems can be equipped with jaws with interchangeable covers, on request.