Max capacity Up to 22 tonnes
Max. gripping dimensions
Up to 3000 mm
Max. length Up to 14000 mm
Characteristics Safety devices
Anchoring with detachable plugs
Optional accessories Motorised 360° rotation device
Different types of jaws
Weighing system
Remote control
Additional safety systems

For the lifting and handling of packs of sheet metal (on pallets, strapped or on wooden beams), Conte 1908 produces different equipment, motorised and non-motorised. As far as the first category is concerned, motorised lifters equipped with fixed or telescopic jaws are produced to adapt to the different lengths of the packs of sheet metal. These jaws are able to go from the maximum to the minimum opening in about 13/16 seconds and they are managed via a dedicated push-button panel built into that of the overhead crane.
On request, it is also possible to install remote controls, weighing systems and rotation devices.

As for non-motorised equipment, Conte 1908 offers a system of brackets with retractable handles, that can be managed manually by the operators, or beams with “fork” supports and counterweights, to maintain a correct position during all handling phases.