Max capacity Up to 90 tonnes
Transportable materials Coils, packs of sheet metal, slabs, other materials
Travel speed Standard 12 m/min – max. 36 m/min
Characteristics 2 or 4-wheel drive
Luminous and acoustic warning devices
Hanging push-button panel
Battery or roll-up cable
Optional accessories Protections against coil damage
Interchangeable surface
Remote control
Laser anti-collision system
Programmable intermediate stations

The transfer carts or sideshifters are suitable to move coils, packs of sheet metal, slabs or other types of steel products on the ground. There are many wheel and power supply system configurations available and they are chosen according to the customer's needs and the characteristics of the plant. The most common solutions are for example: steel wheels on rails, rubber wheels on floor, battery power supply and roll-up cable power supply.

There are also different options both for the management and for the safety of the load and of the operators. All transfer carts are provided with luminous and acoustic devices to signal any movements.