Standard max. capacity Up to 45 tonnes
Standard gripping dimensions From 300 to 2600 mm
Characteristics (tongs) Electro-mechanical drive
Transmission with pinion and rack or with worm screw
Safety systems
Coil detection sensors on the foot
Optional accessories (tongs) Motorised 360° rotation device
Protections (internal and external) against damage to the coils
Cable drum
Weighing systems
Centring system with photocells
Tilt sensors
Lateral sensors
Additional safety systems

Conte 1908 produces different types of equipment for gripping, lifting and handling coils and strips with a horizontal axis hole. The tongs, which certainly represent the most effective solution to coil handling problems, are made using systems that allow for a significant reduction of the weight and structural dimensions.

The gripping is obtained by means of jaws that, operated by an electro-mechanical system, are able to go from the maximum to the minimum opening in a time varying between 13 and 18 seconds depending on the model. The jaw opening and closing system is managed via a push-button panel built into that of the overhead crane or, upon the customer's request, via a remote control.

Moreover, again on request, all clamps can be equipped with a motorised 360° rotation system. An alternative, structurally simpler but not less effective, for coil handling, is represented by brackets, that is devices with a typical C-shape connected to the overhead crane by means of chains and managed manually directly by the operators using the handles.